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Curious Curating

A curious thing happened while curating a photo show lately.  (Maybe that’s where the word came from.)  Gallery owner and photographer, Peter Miller, asked me to be the juror of a show he was having at his Povidence, RI gallery a couple of months ago.  It was an open call posted on Cafe Call for [...]


Welcome to the New And Improved…

TOPIC # 1 This is the first topic I’ll be moderating at the completely unofficial Rob Van Petten Photog Blog.  This allows for more diversity, a wider range of equipment to include, interviews, and a broader range of topics.  It’s often said, If you want to really learn a subject you should teach it.  I [...]


Parting Shots – Rob Van Petten

After 6 years of moderating, posting topics, answering questions, and enjoying the dialogue with so many of you, I will not be returning to the Nikon Digital Learning Center. It’s been a great privilege speaking to so many of you from around the world and getting to know you like friends.  I have truly enjoyed [...]


Print it on Paper or Post it as Pixels – Rob Van Petten

Rob Van Petten 12:21pm, 10 April 2015 Printing – I thought we should revisit this idea. So many photographers have gotten away from printing at all. Many digital photographers only process, store and access their images on screen and on their phone. Many commercial photographers show their portfolio on iPads only. This is certainly a sign [...]


Digital Photo Pro – Fashion Lighting Feb/March

Friday, February 13, 2015 Fashion Lighting By The EditorsPublished in Advanced Camera Technique During one week in February and one week in September, you can feel the earth tremble. No, it’s not an earthquake. This movement is caused by camera shutters and strobes catching the fads and flops of Fashion Week. Along with the live [...]


Portrait Assignment -

Portrait Assignment – Rob Van Petten Post reply MOD Rob Van Petten 7:41pm, 15 March 2015 Portraits are a window of insight into a personality. They should tell us something we don’t already know, or at best show us the person in a different or unexpected way. A portrait sitting gives us an opportunity to direct [...]


Exceeding Your Expectations

Exceeding our Expectations – Rob Van Petten Post reply MOD Rob Van Petten 1:30pm, 24 February 2015 There is a phenomenon that often occurs while shooting. We go out with a specific goal or expectation in mind. We try something new, or do something different. Suddenly, there is a magic moment when a crazy combination of [...]