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Parting Shots – Rob Van Petten

After 6 years of moderating, posting topics, answering questions, and enjoying the dialogue with so many of you, I will not be returning to the Nikon Digital Learning Center. It’s been a great privilege speaking to so many of you from around the world and getting to know you like friends.  I have truly enjoyed [...]


Digital Photo Pro – Fashion Lighting Feb/March

Friday, February 13, 2015 Fashion Lighting By The EditorsPublished in Advanced Camera Technique During one week in February and one week in September, you can feel the earth tremble. No, it’s not an earthquake. This movement is caused by camera shutters and strobes catching the fads and flops of Fashion Week. Along with the live [...]


Portrait Assignment -

Portrait Assignment – Rob Van Petten Post reply MOD Rob Van Petten 7:41pm, 15 March 2015 Portraits are a window of insight into a personality. They should tell us something we don’t already know, or at best show us the person in a different or unexpected way. A portrait sitting gives us an opportunity to direct [...]


Exceeding Your Expectations

Exceeding our Expectations – Rob Van Petten Post reply MOD Rob Van Petten 1:30pm, 24 February 2015 There is a phenomenon that often occurs while shooting. We go out with a specific goal or expectation in mind. We try something new, or do something different. Suddenly, there is a magic moment when a crazy combination of [...]


Found Images or Produced Images

Found Images or Produced Images – Rob Van Petten Post reply MOD Rob Van Petten 5:33pm, 2 September 2014 Shooting outside with changeable conditions, as opposed to shooting in the studio with controls, There are two basic approaches to photography. The first is to find images of something appealing in the real world that you can [...]


Winter Action Images

Winter Action Images  Rob Van Petten says: Deep blue skies, bright colors of winter wear and rich colorful sunsets, the bold graphics of sports gear, the clear crisp air and the frozen landscapes – winter is a beautiful time of year to shoot the great outdoors. Makes me wonder, “Why don’t I get the assignments with [...]


Your Work

Your “Work” – Rob Van Petten  Rob Van Petten says: An art director once told me, “I don’t have time to look at your porfolio. Just send me your best shot. Just one picture that shows me your work.” OH NO! What a daunting demand. So I looked around at the pictures on my wall and [...]


FREE “Fearless Color” Seminar with Rob Van Petten

So excited to announce our first #Big Shot Workshops event sponsored by #Rosco Labs!  This one is FREE with your donation of any size to the #Make a Wish Foundation!  Hope you can join us tomorrow night at #EP Levine in Waltham, MA from 6:30pm – 9:30 pm! To Register: