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Found Images or Produced Images

It’s back to school at the Nikon Digital Learning Center on Flickr. I started off with a question defining the difference between found images and produced images… Join the discussion and show us some pictures.    


Winter Action Images

Winter Action Images  Rob Van Petten says: Deep blue skies, bright colors of winter wear and rich colorful sunsets, the bold graphics of sports gear, the clear crisp air and the frozen landscapes – winter is a beautiful time of year to shoot the great outdoors. Makes me wonder, “Why don’t I get the assignments with [...]


Your Work

Your “Work” – Rob Van Petten  Rob Van Petten says: An art director once told me, “I don’t have time to look at your porfolio. Just send me your best shot. Just one picture that shows me your work.” OH NO! What a daunting demand. So I looked around at the pictures on my wall and [...]


FREE “Fearless Color” Seminar with Rob Van Petten

So excited to announce our first #Big Shot Workshops event sponsored by #Rosco Labs!  This one is FREE with your donation of any size to the #Make a Wish Foundation!  Hope you can join us tomorrow night at #EP Levine in Waltham, MA from 6:30pm – 9:30 pm! To Register:


After A Fashion

After a Fashion – Rob Van Petten  Rob Van Petten says: Fashion photography – Shooting fashion is about fantasy, aspiration and forecasting changing trends. It’s working with models to create a special moment that attracts an audience to an ad in a magazine or a scene on a billboard. It’s about creating an illusion. Fashion photographers [...]


Total Immersion – Making a Big Splash by Rob Van Petten

Pro View: Total Immersion Making a Big Splash by Rob Van Petten Photos (6)Video (1) Glossary Off Rob Van Petten Hannah and Jimmy seem unaffected by being underwater. They’re just happy to be in the pool on a hot day. Rob Van Petten Lily in a galaxy of splash bubbles. The best part of a dive can be [...]


The Urban Landscape – Nikon Digital Learning Center/Flickr

Urban Landscape  Rob Van Petten says: Shooting in the city is different from shooting the bucolic bliss of a quiet natural landscape. It’s congested, busy and bustling. Noisy and distracting requires a different kind of concentration than shooting in the quiet of a pastoral place. Although it requires a bit more energy and focus, urban landscape [...]



  Hi Folks! I wanted to let you know about all the exciting, upcoming events at Big Shot Workshops.  In addition to our live events, we’ve added a series of Webinars, On-line Courses, and a customized, Private Mentorship program. We have 2 Webinar’s starting this week –  July 15 (tonight!) from 6-8 pm is “HDR [...]