D3X podcast video

December 15, 2008, NYC — This was my first serious production totally shot with the D3X. I had tested this new camera for a few months and was ready to put it to work on a real shoot. A good time was had by all. Zooming into the details here in the video gives you some idea of the quality in these files. Cameras and lenses like this can totally put the fun back into photography. (like it ever left.) I’ll spare you the spec sheet, just check out the images.

This was the full package. Favorite fantasy make-up artist, Iris Moreau came in from LA. Super stylist to the stars, Gillian MacLeod also flew in with her assistant Kiley Bates, 30 some great outfits to fullfill our design, color and texture fantasies. Damian Monzillo was the Godzillo of hair. My friend and wizard of the Wacom tablet, Chris Alvanas did the digital. Faithful crew included Jason Coston and Megan Rodney from CDIA. John Sepe produced the whole thing and kept us on track. Lights, action, camera, video and fabulous lunches. This is a special assembly. Oh yeah — The models — Anissa and Jennifer. Spectacular and of course stunning — hard workers. Thank you for helping me act out this crazy stuff. And of course — Thanks to all our friends at Nikon who make these cameras and make it to the shoot to join in the adventure too.

Lots to see and talk about here. Ask me questions…

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